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  • Welcome to the best place to find free php scripts, cgi scripts, javascripts, and programs as well as purchasable scripts to improve your website or toolchest. Come in and browse our collection for PHP, ASP, XML, Javascript, Windows, Unix and more! We have tons of information and links to free scripts as well as high quality commercial scripts.

    Recently added is information for unix web hosting, Windows web hosting, dedicated servers and remote services such as backups. Customized tutorials made in flash as well as free php scripts such as vBulletin HTML Archiver Script, ShoutBox v3, Links Box, Tell a Friend Script, and Free HTML Editor FTP Manager which you can download all the code and put on your site for FREE! currently lists 1305 resources !

    ASP (7 subcategories)
    Free ASP Applications and Scripts for IIS Windows based web servers.

       ASP.NET (7 subcategories)
    ASP & ASP.NET resources with scripts, software and tutorials for users.

    C and C++ (7 subcategories)
    Scripts and Programs for C and C++ with free tutorials and articles.

       CFML (7 subcategories)
    CFML Scripts and Tutorials website resources.

    CGI and Perl (6 subcategories)
    Free CGI and Perl Scripts for webmasters.

       Flash (7 subcategories)
    Flash tutorials, software, resources and help articles for webmasters.

    Java (7 subcategories)
    Tips to learn Java with free scripts, tutorials and website links.

       JavaScript (7 subcategories)

    JSP Scripts and Servlets
    JSP Scripts and Servlets examples with free and commercial scripts links.

       Other Resources
    Utilities, Software and website resources for webmasters.

    PHP (8 subcategories)
    Free PHP scripts, articles, and tutorials for websites.

       Python (7 subcategories)
    Getting started with Python programming? Find Python tutorials, scripts and utilites here.

    Remotely Hosted (7 subcategories)
    Remotely Hosted

       Tools and Utilities (7 subcategories)
    Webmaster tools and utilities for websites .

    Web Hosting (6 subcategories)
    Web Hosting guide to find quality web host companies for your website.

       XML (7 subcategories)
    XML Articles and resources available for free.


    Be sure your PHP, and other scripts are not thwarted by your web page hosting provider. Whether you are running a large site with a lot of server overhead needed for dynamic content, or a simple static site just needed pages loaded - get the server power you need from a provider who cares.

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