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    Thank you for choosing our free vBulletin HTML Archiver Installation. We use this on our sites for more search engine friendly URL's and to make 
    member HTML pages. This script does not alter or touch your database or vBulletin files. Instead it uses a mod_rewrite command found on 
    UNIX servers. 

    The way this script works is quite nice. It is really an intelligent, dynamic wrapper for your forum. It lists all contents from your database 
    such as forums, threads, and members on SEF (search engine friendly) pages. It also shows the particular content when calling the SEF URL. 
    In simple terms, it pulls all the forum data to create SEF hyperlinks so google and other search engines can easily go through your entire forum 
    as the search engine will see it as static html pages being created every day! There is nothing better than fresh content.

    There are other very good archive scripts out there but we felt the need to create this script for the following reasons:

    - We feel it produces more SEF links both in quality and quantity

    - The script requires the more standard mod_rewrite

    - This script is very small in size

    - This script creates SEF page for each member of your forum

    - This script does not touch any of the vBulletin files or database


    You can download the zip file here: vBulletin HTML Archiver zip file

    As far as installation, all you need to do is to extract the zip file to your computer and follow these steps:

    1. Open the file index.php and edit 3 variables shown below to match your forum. For this example we are using the website 
    which has the forum installed into the root www folder and we want the archive pages to be placed into the folder called archive off of the 
    www folder:

    $title = "Aim Forums &mdash; &mdash;"; //this will be used in <title>
    $bburl = ""; //no ending slash
    $path = "/archive/"; //this is path from the root folder like /archive/

    2. Create a folder on the web server with the same name as specified in the $path statement above.

    3. Upload all the files from the zip into the folder as specified in the $path statement above. NOTE:  Make sure to upload the .htaccess file in ASCII mode and the PHP/HTML files in Binary mode.

    That's is it! 

    To test, go to (replace with your forum URL and replace archive with the $path folder you 
    created) and you will see your archive page!

    You can test the installation and view an example by going here: Archive

    NOTE: As this is a hack, useage is at your own risk and we assume no liability. We have not tested this on version 3.x of vBulletin as of yet but it should work. We have tested this on version 2.3.x of vBulletin and found no issues.

    Any question? email us at

    Be sure your PHP, and other scripts are not thwarted by your web page hosting provider. Whether you are running a large site with a lot of server overhead needed for dynamic content, or a simple static site just needed pages loaded - get the server power you need from a provider who cares.

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