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    Step 1

    Open config.php with a text editor such as Notepad.
    Edit the following variables:

    $user_pass = "test";
    $admin_user = "admin";
    $admin_pass = "test";

    Set the values of each variable between the " " (quotation marks).
    $user_pass will be the password required to post messages in the main page. Share this with trusted users, or post it on your web site for all your visitors to use.

    $admin_user and $admin_pass should be set to something you can remember, and is used to protect the admin control panel. Share this with no one.

    Close and save this file.

    Step 2 Login to your web hosts control panel for your server. You must create a MySQL database, user, and password. Each host differs in how to accomplish this, so contact your host if you are unsure of how to do this.

    Remember the settings you created, as you will need them for Step 3.
    Step 3 Open my_con.php (it's in the Connections Folder).
    Edit the following variables:

    $hostname_my_con = "localhost";
    $database_my_con = "";
    $username_my_con = "";
    $password_my_con = "";

    Set the values of each variable between the " " (quotation marks).
    These values should correspond to settings created in Step 2.
    Close and save this file.
    Step 4

    Upload the entire script to your web host, using FTP.
    You can place the files in your web root. Or you can upload it in it's own folder (such as linksbox).
    Just make sure that the folders are in the same location, relative to the files.
    That is, if you upload it into your web root, the other folders (Connections, admin, my_sql.sql) should be relative to the index.php file of this script.
    However, realize that index.php is a standard file name for the default file, so if it's uploaded to your web root you may overwrite your main file. If you do that, then you will need to rename index.php to something else.

    Step 5 Once the files are uploaded navigate to install.php

    If this file displays a message, and instructs you to delete install.php then the database was set up correctly. You should then FTP to your server and remove install.php. This file will not be needed again.

    If you get an error, then you will have to install the database manually. Some hosts have security measures in place, that cause this file not to work. If that's the case, go into your hosts Database Manger application (it should be in your Control Panel for your web host). The database script to run is in the my_sql.sql folder... Run my_box.sql to crate the database. Contact your host if you need help running SQL scripts in your database manager. You should edit this file and and change this line:

    use LinksBoxDB;

    This line should reflect the name of you database (from Step 2)
    Step 6 Once the database is successfully installed, navigate to index.php of the script.

    Post a message using the password you set up in config.php (Step 1)

    Then navigate to admin/index.php to test the admin panel.

    Login using the username and password you set up in config.php
    If you login correctly, You will be in the admin section. You can test out deleting posts by clicking delete_post. The next page will ask you to confirm that you really want to delete the post.
    FEATURES There are some features to the script that you should familiarize yourself with:

    • User Password will be stored as a cookie, to make it easy for your users to post multiple links at once.

    • Cookie will last for one hour, after that they will have to supply the password again.

    • A link to kill_cookie.php will essentially log a user out of links box by forcing them to log in again. Essentially it unsets the cookie from the user. You will have to add a link to kill_cookie.php, yourself.

    • After 20 links are posted, the rest will moved to the archive automatically.

    • When you log-in to the admin, posts that are older than one week will be automatically deleted. This helps to keep your database size small and cleaned out of old links.

    • You can post the password on your web site to let all users have access to posting links. Or just share it with trusted users.

    • If you are familiar with HTML, there is an include version of the links box that you can use on your site: The file is
    Just rename the file that your are including it into as .php file.
    Then, use place the following PHP statement in your HTML file:
    <? include(""); ?>
    Just make sure that the path to is correct. The example above requires your HTML file (renamed as a .php file) to be in the same folder as the include file.
    Do not remove the links to from the script. Failure to comply will result in your web host being notified, and the script revoked from your ability to use it, legally. Thank you. Help support us by allowing these links to point to our server, that way we can continue providing you with quality ScriptWiz.comscripts! :)
    ScriptWiz Links Box was programmed by

    Be sure your PHP, and other scripts are not thwarted by your web page hosting provider. Whether you are running a large site with a lot of server overhead needed for dynamic content, or a simple static site just needed pages loaded - get the server power you need from a provider who cares.

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